Administration Volunteer Program

Would you love to volunteer at TVAR,
but prefer not working directly with the animals?

Or perhaps you feel that your expertise could be used more effectively in other areas?

We have options for you! Join us in helping TVAR reach its goal of finding a new, permanent home for the animals, giving them ANOTHER CHANCE.

TVAR has a program where an individual might work in the “background” and at the same time fulfill their interest in helping animals and the needs of TVAR.

Those options include, but are not limited to, the following:

Data Management

Working in the various data programs of TVAR such as volunteer organization, donor management and procedures for animals, as well as preparing disclosures to the public, employees, and the board of TVAR.

Community Interaction

Provide help in public relations, assist in recruiting more volunteers and help at events like weekend dog, puppy and kitten adoption events held on Saturdays and Sunday (kitten only).

Social Media

Help to design, input, and maintain TVAR’s social media programs, such as FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, CONSTANT CONTACT, and web-blasts, as well as email inquiries, and texts.

Fundraising and Event Planning

TVAR needs individuals interested in seeking donors for special events, like TVAR’s Annual Fundraiser, as well as other fundraising events. The Annual Fundraiser requires organizing many phases of that event, expected to draw more than 200 attendees.


in the Administrative Volunteer Program, please send your inquiry to BUSINESS@TVAR.ORG.