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Shelter Program

If you would like to socialize animals at the shelter, you must attend a buddy training session for the species (dog or cat) that you wish to socialize. If you plan to socialize dogs AND cats, you must attend one of each session:

IMPORTANT: To socialize animals at the East County Animal Shelters, volunteers must be l8 years or older unless enrolled in the teen/junior program. Also, in addition to attending the applicable buddy session(s), adult volunteers must commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours/month at the shelter for a minimum of 6 months

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Dog Buddy Schedule

Buddy Session Location
Preparing for your Session

East County Animal Shelter (ECAS)
4595 Gleason Drive
Dublin, CA 94568

Map to the Shelter
NOTE: this is the tan building with the teal roof, not the mustard and maroon East Bay SPCA building next door

You must first view the TVAR orientation video and Register before you schedule a Buddy Session. watch the orientation video

You must contact a Buddy to make an appointment from the list below to ensure a spot in their class
Please arrive promptly for your session or notify your Buddy in advance if you need to cancel
Before your Buddy Session, download the TVAR Volunteer Liability Waiver print, sign and submit at the beginning of your Buddy Session.

Session Dates & Times
1st Friday of each month

2nd Wednesday of each month

2nd Sunday of each month

3rd Wednesday of each month

3rd Saturday of each month
12:00pm – 2:00pm

3rd Sunday of each month

Nancy Nilssen

Pat Nichols

Cindy Clark

Cindy Churchill

Elizabeth Bond

Kari Petznick

Cat Buddy Schedule

Weekdays by appointment

Alayna Ilmain

Weekends by appointment

Erin Fredrickson

Janice Lawrence

Kari Petznick