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Teen / Junior Program

Animals and Youth Helping One Another...
That's What It Is All About

Check out this article in Bay Woof about the Teen/Junior program.

WHO: Teens (Age 13-17 yrs) and Juniors (Age 10-12 yrs).
Parent/Guardian must directly accompany each junior volunteer throughout each session. Parents of teens are always welcome at any sessions.

The Tri-Valley Animal Rescue's Teen/Junior program accommodates individual volunteers. It is not practical for organized groups or short-term community service projects.

WHEN: Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:00pm and 5:30pm.
Sessions may be limited or cancelled due to weather conditions, availability of adult supervisors, Alameda County staff designated situations and closures. After the mandatory orientation, this is a drop-in program, limited to the days and times stated above.

WHERE: East County Animal Shelter.
4595 Gleason Drive in Dublin
(925) 803-7040
North of I580 Between Tassajara Rd. and Hacienda Dr.

WHAT: Volunteers interact with stray and/or owner-surrendered dogs and cats at the shelter.
Volunteers walk, groom, and socialize dogs in an outdoor get-acquainted area and walk dogs on leash in the designated area behind the shelter, weather permitting. Volunteers socialize cats in their cages.

Note: To keep them as healthy as possible, shelter staff excludes kitten socialization by members of the public and by TVAR volunteers. Staff may exclude other animals for health or safety reasons.

WHY: Socialization promotes the adoptability of the animals while youngsters benefit from volunteering their time and talents.
This interaction gives the animals much appreciated attention and also familiarizes TVAR with information/feedback about the animals’ needs and behavior patterns to find new or foster homes for them.

History: This program, started in April, 1994, has been operating at the ECAS facility since it replaced the old Santa Rita shelter in 1996. It continues to evolve, as we strive to reduce risk and to conduct an effective program for our volunteers and to benefit the animals we are dedicated to help. We believe it is a WIN/WIN for both the animals and the youngsters. We can and do make a difference to the continued well-being of these animals that are abandoned in the shelter either as stray or as owner-surrendered pets.

SUPERVISORS: Adults are needed to facilitate this program that allows young people in our community to help the stray and homeless animals that come into the East County Animal Shelter. Come by on a Tuesday or Thursday between 4 and 5:30PM to check it out, talk with the current volunteers and see if this volunteer opportunity is a match for you. Contact Nancy Metz (925) 462-9679/ for info on how you can help.

HOW TO GET STARTED: For your safety and for the safety of the animals you will be helping, you must follow the two steps outlined below before you can volunteer in the program itself.

Step 1: Attend the Enrollment session

The Teen/Junior Program is FULL through early July 2018

Your next opportunity to sign-up for an orientation will be at the Enrollment to be held on Wednesday JULY 11, 2018. The Enrollment will be between 3 and 5 PM. You must come to this enrollment to find out about dates and times and sign up for one of the orientations that will be held in July through September 2018.

We will meet in the conference room at the shelter, so follow signs that will be posted at the shelter by 3 pm on the Enrollment date. To enable the shelter to carry on business as usual, we ask that you park along Barnet Blvd (west side of shelter) and that you direct questions concerning the Enrollment to TVAR volunteers and not to shelter staff. At the Enrollment, you will complete a TVAR membership form and you will be given a Parental Permission Form for Minor Volunteers to be reviewed, signed and be returned at your scheduled orientation. Both are requisite for participation in the program. NOTE: If you want to walk through the shelter to view the animals as a member of the public, remember that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Step 2: Attend the Orientation session

Orientation takes place on selected Tuesdays and Thursdays (approximately every other week) from 4pm to 5:30pm. Each session can accommodate five (5) new volunteers. At the orientation, you will complete a TVAR membership form and you will be given a Parental Permission Form for Minor Volunteers to be reviewed, signed and be returned at your scheduled orientation. Both are requisite for participation in the program.

IMPORTANT: The online Registration Process is for volunteers over age 18 – Volunteers under the age of 18will not be acceptedinto buddy sessions. and can only volunteer through the Teen/Junior Program. Also, adult volunteers wishing to socialize animals at the shelter (see Shelter link) in addition to attending the applicable buddy session(s), must commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours/month at the shelter for a minimum of 6 months.

TVAR tax-deductible Membership Dues donation is $10 annually for volunteers under 18 years old.
Family membership dues donation is $50/year.
Dues can be waived under special circumstances.

For more information, please review our FAQ Page. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact the Teen/Junior program coordinator:

By Phone: (925) 462-9679
By Email: