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The Tri-Valley Animal Rescue Cinderella Fund is a special fund to cover medical costs for selected animals, above and beyond standard care such as vaccinations and spay/neuter. We need your help to constantly replenish the Cinderella Fund so that we can continue to provide the extra care that some deserving animals need. No donation is too small and all donations are tax-deductible. Please click the PayPal link below to make a secure online payment, or go to our Donate Now! page for information on how to make a cash or check donation.

A PayPal account is NOT required Ė just look for the Donít have a PayPal account? section in the bottom left corner of the page to pay as a guest.

On the PayPal checkout page, please be sure to specify "Cinderella Fund" in the comments field.

Meet Some of Our Cinderella Fund Recipients


Rosie barely weighed a pound when she arrived at the East County Animal Shelter wrapped in a blanket.

In spite of the painful swelling where her right eye should have been visible, Rosie was a purring little ball of fluff. A trip to the vet revealed that behind a massive infection, Rosie probably did not have a saveable eye. Whether because of infection or injury, Rosie's eye would never function as it should. But that didn't stop this little girl!

Rosie grew into quite a character in her foster home. Right from the beginning, she didn't seem to realize just how small she was. She struggled mightily to keep up with the kittens in the "big kitten" room. She soon was an indulged little diva, beloved playmate for her fellow kitten fosters, and growing healthy under the watchful eyes of her foster family's own adult cats.

When Rosie was large enough, her right eye was removed but she barely slowed down for her very short recovery. Soon after she found her very own family!


What happens to an emaciated puppy found wondering the streets in need of surgery to fix an ulcerated eye?

Luckily for one little puppy named Brady, Tri-Valley Animal Rescue's Cinderella Fund, a fund established to pay for the medical care of homeless animals, offered him another chance.

Brady was picked up off the streets by a good Samaritan and taken to a local veterinarian. Tri-Valley Animal Rescue was contacted and offered to pay for his surgery and care through the Cinderella Fund, so little Brady received the needed surgery and a happy new life.


Anyone who has ever heard an animal cry out in pain knows that it's a sound you never forget. That's the sound that woke one of our fosters up one night.

Although a midnight search of surrounding trees and shrubs didn't reveal the source of the painful cries, the morning light revealed a young grey cat huddled on a TVAR volunteer's front porch. Too exhausted and afraid to put up much of a fight, the cat allowed itself to be coaxed into a carrier and was rushed to the vet. X-rays revealed a leg so badly shattered that hopes of saving it were slim. The difficult decision was made to amputate the cat's leg.

Following the surgical removal of his ruined leg, the grey cat was taken home with his rescuer and began the process of healing, both body and spirit. He was named Dusty.

Dusty is officially a "special needs" cat but he has adapted very well to life with three legs. He gets around just as well (and as quickly!) as his fellow foster's. Dusty really only needs one thing- a home and family of his very own.

Thanks to the generous benefactors of TVAR's Cinderella Fund, his body has been restored to health, and he has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and treated to prevent worms and fleas. Dusty soon found his forever home and now leads a good life.


Perry was a much valued stud-cat for a ragdoll breeder until he broke his leg. Sadly, breeding stock are often viewed, at least in part, as commodities. Perry was relinquished to the local animal shelter for probable euthanasia.

This is when Tri-Valley Animal Rescue stepped in to offer Perry another chance through our Cinderella Fund. Perry's leg required amputation, which was paid for through the Cinderella Fund. He adjusted quickly to getting around on three legs.

Perry was quickly adopted and he is doing well in his new home!


Sherman, a 4-month-old Shepherd-mix puppy, arrived at a local animal shelter with a badly broken leg, likely a victim of a hit-and-run accident. Tri-Valley Animal Rescue's Cinderella Fund gave this sweet pup another chance. He healed well and found a loving new home.

Cinderella Fund Helps Dogs in Need

Angel was a dog that we just couldnít turn our back on. Only 3 months of age, this cattle dog/terrier mix was found stuffed in a bag on the side of the road with a gun shot wound to her head. How anyone can be so cruel and heartless to an innocent puppy is beyond words. We are grateful to the good Samaritan that found her. She beat all the odds to survive such horror and received special medical care.

Kaylie is a beautiful Cocker Spaniel whose sweet disposition had shelter workers working overtime to make sure she found a foster spot. She had an ear infection that had been so horribly neglected that she ended up needing to have the entire inside of her ears removed. After already having to go through one major surgery, we are now waiting on pins-and-needles due to a possible cancer prognosis that may mean more of a battle for this sweet dog.

Bella was abandoned at the shelter just 24 hours before giving birth. A stunning example of a Pit Bull, this girl had clearly been a victim of backyard breeding, exploited due to her silvery blue coat. Despite being in the stressful shelter environment, Bella won the hearts of all the shelter workers with her calm, gentle disposition and happily let everyone handle her newborn puppies. Just a month after having her puppies all adopted and getting her body & spirit back, Bella tears her ACL and will need knee surgery.

These dogs, and others, are the reason why volunteers put countless hours, sweat and tears into the world of animal rescue. Despite their traumatic pasts, these animals forgive and trust with such gusto that you canít help but give them the same dedication back.