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Become a TVAR Volunteer!

We are working to complete the changes soon. Thank you for your patience….

Are you interested in becoming a TVAR volunteer? Please follow the steps below to get started!

STEP ONE: Our orientation process is now watching a video explaining the purpose and activities of TVAR. Our goal is to provide an overview of our volunteer opportunities and explain the next steps for each opportunity so you can decide if volunteering with TVAR is a good fit for you:
The general public and members of the National Charity League (NCL) are requested to watch the orientation video

If you are not an NCL member and your 10-17 year old child would like to become a TVAR volunteer, click here for information about our award-winning Teen/Junior Program
IMPORTANT:The online Registration Process is for volunteers over age 18 – Volunteers under the age of 18 will not be accepted into buddy sessions. Please note that unless enrolled in the teen/junior program, any minor under 18 must be accompanied by their volunteer parent and the dog must be on leash at all times, minors under 10 are not permitted. Also, in order to socialize animals at the shelter, in addition to attending the applicable buddy session(s), you must commit to spending a minimum of 4 hours/month at the shelter for a minimum of 6 months

STEP TWO: If you decide you want to volunteer with TVAR after watching the orientation video, you must register on our Volunteer Portal. This will allow us to get in touch with you about your volunteering interests, and also lets you sign up for activities of your choice. When registering you must accept our Liability Waiver and our Code of Conduct Your acceptance acknowledges that you have read both documents.

STEP THREE: Choose Your Activity(ies)
Socialize animals at the shelter. If you would like to socialize animals at the shelter, you must attend a buddy training session for the species (dog or cat) that you wish to socialize. If you plan to socialize dogs AND cats, you must attend one of each session: Click on Buddy Schedule below…
Shelter Dog Volunteer Buddy Schedule
Shelter Cat Volunteer Buddy Schedule
If you would like to become a foster volunteer, read more about our programs at the links below and contact the coordinator to get started:
Fostering dogs and puppies
Fostering kittens
Fostering bottle baby kittens
STEP FOUR: Whether you decide to volunteer with TVAR or not, there are a few things you can do to help us out long-term, and it just takes 5 minutes of your time now:
Like us on Facebook and share our events and animals
Follow @tri_valley_animal_rescue on Instagram and share our photos
Follow @TVARtweets on Twitter and retweet
Register with eScrip and name Tri-Valley Animal Rescue as a beneficiary. Every time you shop with a registered card at a participating retailer, that company will donate a portion of your purchase amount to TVAR
Register with Amazon Smile and name Tri-Valley Animal Rescue as a beneficiary. Every time you shop at Amazon using the link (don't worry - they remind you!), Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase amount to TVAR

If you are an existing volunteer, click here for volunteer resources and forms