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CARLY   Status: In Foster (adoptable)
ID: 06TVAR4133   Animal's location: Tri-Valley Animal Rescue
Breed: Black Labrador Retriever (purebred)
Age:  9 years, 11 months        Gender:  Female
Size:  - Please Select -
Comments: Medium
  Color(s):  - Please Select - - - Please Select - (- Please Select -)
Comments: Black
Altered: yes   Ref. no.: ECAS
Weight: 50   Tail:  --
Other:   Coat:  --
Left Ear:  --
Right Ear: 
  Left eye:  --
Right eye: 
Description: Carly is a an amazing (as of 2012) seven year old black lab with one really annoying habit. She barks with considerable enthusiasm in many situations where you'd rather she not bark. She is an extremely happy dog and a great companion if you want one. She will play ball for hours and when we are doing yard work she will stay right with us. She is good with other dogs and is currently living with our own dog and one other foster, but she prefers the company of her people. We've had her living with us now for 3 years and have reached accomodations that let us enjoy the wonderful parts of her personality and tolerate the barking, but she clearly isn't for everyone. Carly was on prozac to see if that would help with her barking but it didn't, so she is currently drug-free. We have found a few ways to distract and re-direct some of her behavior and we will be happy to pass those on to you. She is definitely an indoor dog-no accidents, no chewing- and she sleeps on the couch or in our bedroom. We live in Pleasanton and you are welcome to come meet Carly at our house if you want. You'll see what a great dog she is and then we'll take her for a walk and you will get to see her at her noisiest. If you wanted to try her at your home, we are willing to let her stay over with you so you can see if your environment will work for her- that way you'd know she has a safe place to come back to if it didn't work out. You can call us at 925-462-9679 if you want to meet her. Nancy and Rich
Additional information:  *Housetrained   *Special needs   *Current on shots  

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