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Fostering Adult Cats

Thank you for taking the very first step in learning about Maddie's Fund/Tri-Valley Animal Rescue’s adult cat fostering program. In 2010, the adult cat fostering program (aka “vacation fostering”) was renovated in order to make the process more user-friendly for both foster families and their feline houseguests.

So why do we now call it “vacation fostering”? The belief is that adult cats need periodic breaks from cages, either shelter cages or the show cages at PetSmart, in order to help keep their moods happy and relaxed. They need period “vacations”. Our adult cat foster homes provide those vacations by allowing an adult cat to stay with them for a two week period. During that two week period, we ask our foster families to provide their houseguest with lots of TLC and attention. The cat does exactly what one of us would do on vacation; they relax, eat some good food, kick back with a little play time, and enjoy a change of surroundings.

Where do Maddie's Fund/TVAR cats come from? The majority of our adult cats are selected from the East County Animal Shelter. We do our very best to make sure that your house guest has wonderful manners and no bad habits. Foster families are encouraged to express their preferences; would you rather have a male or female cat, long-haired or short-haired, etc. Foster families are invaluable to the program, providing insight into the cat’s personality and details that help TVAR create a biography of the cat that assists potential adopters in selecting their new family member.

Where does the cat go after it’s had a vacation? After your houseguest has had a two week vacation, it’s settled into a resident cage at the Dublin PetSmart, which hosts Maddie's Fund/TVAR’s adult cats. During the period of time the cat’s at PetSmart, foster families can either host another cat or take a “vacation” from fostering. The cat becomes the responsibility of Maddie's Fund/TVAR while it’s at PetSmart, and a Maddie's Fund/TVAR representative checks on the cat, takes phone calls from potential adopters, screens interested adopters, and handles all adoption transactions. Of course, the foster family is more than welcome to go visit their foster cat while it’s at PetSmart!

What happens if the cat isn’t adopted while it’s at PetSmart? Actually, the majority of cats are adopted during their first two weeks at PetSmart. However, if the perfect adoptive family doesn’t find the cat during its first two weeks at PetSmart, we ask that the foster family take the cat for another two week vacation in their home. If that’s not possible because of the original foster family’s schedule or personal preference, another foster family is asked to take the cat. We want to stay as flexible as possible so that everyone, foster family and cat, has an enjoyable experience!

Details, details, details Maddie's Fund/TVAR provides the foster family with basic cat care supplies: litter box, cat bed, food and water bowls, food and toys. We ask that the foster family provide cat litter. Maddie's Fund/TVAR pays for all medical care for the cat, including spay/neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, and worming/flea prevention treatments. In addition to being shown at PetSmart, Maddie's Fund/TVAR cats appear on our website and several external websites like PetFinder and We ask that foster families be able to provide a separate room for their foster (a spare bedroom or bathroom is ideal) until the cat has had a chance to settle into its vacation home, and that all fosters remain INDOORS ONLY. We ask that all of your personal pets be healthy and current on vaccinations.

Still have questions? Please email Terri Duncan at or call her at (925) 487-7279 to find out more about fostering adult cats. The more foster families we have, the more cats we can help! Fostering adult cats and being instrumental in their successful placement with new loving families is incredibly rewarding!

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